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Buffet Options: Download the Buffet Options in a pdf format.

Multigrain dinner rolls or rosemary focaccia bread with butter pots


Salad Bar Options: (Please select three)

Fruit greens salad with spring mix, seasonal fruit and a raspberry poppy seed dressing
Garden salad with spring mix, shredded carrot, red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and assorted dressings
Traditional Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, bacon, herbed croutons and a creamy garlic dressing
Mediterranean Pasta Salad with feta cheese
Marinated mushroom salad
Marinated tomato salad with boccocini cheese
German potato salad
Creamy cabbage salad
Cucumber salad with sour cream and dill (Seasonal)
Creamy tuna pasta salad
Fresh baby spinach salad with mushrooms, red onion, boiled egg and creamy mustard vinaigrette
Asian noodle salad with slivered celery, onion, carrot, sweet peppers and tossed in a garlic Thai sauce

Meat Choices

Roast turkey, white and dark meat, onion sage stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce and pan dripping gravy
Curried chicken with basmati rice steamed in coconut water
Roast pork loin served with spiced brown sugar apples
Roasted herbed breast of chicken
Whitefish baked with sea salt and lemon butter
Italian pesto chicken breast
Salmon fillet topped with a creamy garlic and herb sauce
Sticky Thai chicken
Green olive baked chicken
Roast beef served in rich beef gravy
(If you select Roast beef, the price per person could increase depending on beef prices at the time. Beef prices have increased 40% over the past few months and may continue to rise)
See alternate entrée options below

Starch Choices (Please select one)
Baby oven roast potatoes Mashed potato
Flavored mashed potato (Cheddar, garlic, bacon or onion)
Baked potato with sour cream
Boiled red potatoes in dill butter and cream
Wild and long grain rice
Rice pilaf
Scalloped potatoes

Vegetable Choices (Please select one)
Sweet pepper, onion, celery and grilled corn stir-fry Broccoli, cauliflower and carrot medley with sea salt and butter
Poached asparagus bundles (Seasonal May through July)
Corn on the cob (Seasonal)
A medley of green beans, yellow beans and baby carrots
Colcannon mash – carrot, onion and turnip Dessert (Please select three) Lemon Meringue
Apple or mixed-berry crumbles
Apple dumplings filled with rum and raisins
Assorted fruit pies
Pumpkin pie
Carrot cake
Coconut, banana or chocolate cream pie
Apple or pecan streusel
NY Cheesecake with raspberry or caramel or chocolate or mixed berry topping
Chocolate fudge torte
Hazelnut cream torte
Triple chocolate fudge cake
Deep-dish sour cherry fluff (Unbaked cheesecake)
Chocolate lava cakes with a rich peanut butter fudge sauce
Assorted squares – Coconut lemon, butter tart, raspberry, date squares Coffee/tea station  

Pricing is based on the number of meats you wish to have on the buffet
1 Meat - $23.99 2 Meats - $26.99
3 Meats - $29.99

Pasta options to replace a meat option at no additional fee

Spinach and ricotta filled cannelloni in our own tomato reduction sauce
Gourmet mac and cheese
Cheese filled tortellini with a rose sauce

Pasta options to upgrade or in addition to your meat choice $2.00 per person

Meat filled three-cheese lasagna
Butternut squash lasagna with spiced pork
Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter Pine-nut sauce
Fettuccini and mushroom Alfredo
Seafood linguini in butter, herbs and white wine (clams, squid and shrimp)
Farfalle (Bowtie) with broccoli and walnut pesto

Upgrade entrée options for an additional charge
Roast beef cooked to your liking served in rich beef gravy
Prime rib served au jus with Yorkshire pudding
Beef wellington wrapped in puff pastry filled with pan roasted mushroom duxelle and cooked medium
Grilled rib eye steak or NY Steak
Game hen filled with rice pilaf and drizzled with a Richelieu sauce
Fresh Georgian Bay whitefish stuffed with an onion sage farce wrapped in butcher string and baked in garlic butter
Fresh Atlantic salmon
Tuscany chicken topped with grilled zucchini, roasted red pepper and a blend of three cheeses
Chicken Provençale, oven roasted and finished with pan roasted tomato, garlic, olive oil and herbs
Double smoked pork chops served with apple BBQ sauce
Ale braised short ribs slowly cooked and served in pan drippings
Pan seared Thai beef on a bed of lemon grass infused noodles with stir fry
Roast leg of lamb with mint salsa  

Upgrade vegetable options for an additional charge

Roasted root vegetable – Beets, turnip, onion and carrot tossed in olive oil, sea salt and pepper $1.25 more per person
Baked brussel sprouts – Tender brussel sprouts oven roasted with caramelized onion and bacon $1.25 more per person
Asparagus medley – Fresh red pepper, squash, cauliflower and asparagus tips $1.25 more per person
Fresh corn on the cob $2.00 more per person (when not in season)

The pricing listed above is based on per person not including applicable taxes
Gratuity is 15% of the total food bill prior to taxes Pricing includes chafing dishes and chafing fuel, serving utensils, servers and kitchen personnel, coffee urns, regular coffee, regular tea, milkettes, creamers, sweeteners and sugar packets

Pricing does not include guest table linen, linen napkins, buffet table linen, buffet tables, cutlery, glassware, coffee cups, salt and peppers, water pitchers etc.

We are not limited to these sample menu items listed above and can design a menu based on what you would like to see Late night buffet menu’s available upon request

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